12 Tips for Finding Cheap Airline Tickets 1

12 Tips for Finding Cheap Airline Tickets

Going on a vacation provides a perfect opportunity to all those who want to relax alone or in the company of family and friends. Vacations are possible even within the state where you live, but sometimes you might be interested in places that will need you to fly there. Whether going alone or with family, you can save considerable money on your air tickets. Let’s have a close look at few tips that can help you in getting cheap flights.

1. You should book your flights as advance as is possible. You should plan your travel in advance so that you won’t have to buy tickets at the last minute. Sometimes people procrastinate and put off booking their flights. If you buy your tickets in the last week, their cost may be too expensive. It’s best to book your airfare at least 2-3 months in advance of your departure date because you can do so at the lowest price.

2. If you are interested in cheap flight and car rental packages, you should book them together when making plans with your travel agency.

12 Tips for Finding Cheap Airline Tickets 1

3. In this Internet age, you should compare the packages and airfares on different websites. As you will be able to browse various types of packages on flights as well as car rental, you will be able to make an informed choice.

4. Even though you might be planning to book your flight, it’s best to book a hotel and car rental packages as well in the package. Many travel agencies will also offer you discount if you book the whole packages so you can easily save money for your vacations.

5. If you are visiting a new destination, you should book a tour package because it can guarantee you cheap flight and car rental. It is useful because it comes with a guide who will also show you all major attractions at your chosen destination and you will also have to pay lower rates to locals. Best thing about tour packages is that you will visit places as a group and will enjoy every minute of it.

6. Many travel agents have affiliations with many courier services, which will provide you a chance to act as a courier agent if you don’t mind delivering parcels to get a cheap flight. You should let your travel agent know about this fact, and if they have some promos, they will arrange you a free ticket.

7. You can get cheap air tickets on weekends and holidays. However, you should avoid holiday season as tickets are expensive to all destinations.

8. You can also save money get getting canceled or unsold tickets. Most of the airlines offer such tickets at very low prices to avoid losses. You can easily get them on airline’s website or from their booking offices. Many third party and affiliate websites also offer this facility and you can easily find them on Google.

9. You can get connecting flights at a less cost. Therefore, if it’s possible, you should book connecting flights that will fly to smaller cities or airports before reaching their final destination. If you have considerable time and are not in hurry to reach your destination, you should opt for connecting flights or try to transit though smaller terminals. However, this is only possible if you finalize your travel plans much in advance.


10. You should search for cheap last minute flights on all major airline and travel booking websites. These websites have access to thousands of discounted flights and you can get best deals with some research. Sometimes a particular travel website is running a discount on flights and you can bag a deal. So search for a cheap list minute flight immediately book your ticket as you find some good deal.

11. Check alternate airports- You should research and find alternative airports in and around the city you are traveling to. This might need some ground travel but you can save bundle in the process.

12. Check foreign versions of travel websites-If you are traveling to some foreign destination, you should also check the websites of your destination country or countries. All major fare search engines and travel discount websites also have foreign versions of their websites. However, take into account any money changing fees that you might incur if you end up using website somewhere else.

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