5 Effective Ways to Prune Down the Cost of Your Vacation 1

5 Effective Ways to Prune Down the Cost of Your Vacation

Are you planning to go out on vacation this year? Do you want to get most out of your vacation within a limited budget? If you have answered “yes” to the above questions, then the following information is for you!!

It is only understandable that you are longing to have a quality holiday, just for a change, after working for months together. Especially, if you are having kids, going on a holiday becomes almost inevitable. It doesn’t really matter if you want to just travel within the country of your residence, or want to go out on an international trip, as long as you are under your budget, you can thoroughly enjoy your holiday. In order to stay under your planned budget, and have a quality and yet a cheap holiday, you may want to consider the following tips:

5 Effective Ways to Prune Down the Cost of Your Vacation 1

Plan your holiday well before: There are a lot of advantages of planning your holiday well before. For example, if you are planning your holiday somewhere in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can start booking your tickets as soon as August and avail discounts on first come first serve basis. Also, you can save on airfares, winter cruise, lodges, car rentals and many more in the name of early bird discounts, if you can plan your holiday well in advance. If you do not have school going kids or college attending teens to include on your vacation, then it would be a better idea to plan your holiday in off season, when the prices come down when compared to peak season such summer, when the prices are sky-rocketing. It would be a better idea to subscribe for free e-mail alerts which will alert you as soon as there is a competitive price available on airfares, lodging, holiday packages, etc.

Booking your air tickets: If you want to travel by plane, then you may want to book your tickets from a terminal that charges you less compared to other prominent terminals. The terminals which are always busy need not give any discounts in order to lure travelers to use their services; on the other hand, terminals that are a bit low as far as the passenger traffic is considered may offer their services for lesser price. For example, prices at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport may be a bit higher compared to Baltimore Washington terminal, just because the latter is farther away from Washington D.C. Also try to carry as less luggage as possible to avoid the excessive charges and fines.

Stay level headed when shopping: It is very easy to get carried away while shopping on your vacation. Though shopping is one of the most important things to do when you go out on a holiday, you should keep a check on the prices of the items you purchase, especially electronic gadgets. It is O.K to spend a little bit more on the items that you not find in your country or in your city, but spending $10 for an item which would cost only $8 at home is definitely not a better way to shop.

Bargain for best deals: Never feel shy to bargain when you are travelling to Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. This is almost a regular practice for people here to bargain. You can save a lot of dollars if you are able to bargain effectively and this stands good lodging, car rentals, groceries and a lot more.

Save on your food: Saving on your food can really keep you in your budget. Try to find an economical hotel room that has a kitchen to cook for yourself. This way you can save big bucks by avoiding costly meals in a restaurant. Buy groceries and other useful stuff when you are down the street doing some window shopping and cook in your kitchen. This will not only be healthy but will save you money to spend on more meaningful things. If are travelling alone, you can opt for backpacker motel room that has a common kitchen with all the utensils needed, at a much cheaper price than a hotel room with kitchen.

5 Effective Ways to Prune Down the Cost of Your Vacation 2

Fun and entertainment is the only area where you can loosen a little bit and spend a bit more than you have planned for, especially, if you have kids. The reasons being, number one-you might have already saved enough by following aforementioned tips, so, even if you spend a little more here, you will be under your overall budget and reason number-two, entertainment is the basic purpose of your vacation and if you are not having enough fun and entertainment on your trip, it is as good as not taking a vacation at all!!

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