6 Unbelievable Tips to Travel with Just One Bag

If you love to travel but hate finding yourself lugging heavy bags everywhere you go, it’s time to learn some downsizing skills. It is totally possible to travel almost anywhere (and for almost any length of time) with just one bag. Check out these hot tips to help you get a handle on your packing.

1. Roll It Up – One of the best space saving tips while packing is to roll your clothing instead of folding it. Try it both ways. You’ll be amazed by the amount of space this can save.

2. Travel Wardrobe Essentials – Remember that many hotels have laundry facilities, and nearly everywhere you travel will have public laundromats. If everything you pack coordinates with everything else, you can create several outfits from a handful of pieces. Layering pieces are great, allowing you to add and remove for comfort when the weather changes. As long as you don’t get dirty, you can wear pants and outerwear a few times before washing, so take fewer of these to make room for more shirts. If you need to keep warm, choose lightweight fabrics that trap heat, like sweaters made of Alpaca wool.

5 Unbelievable Tips To Travel With Just One Bag 1

3. Rethink the Shoes – Be honest with yourself. How many pairs of shoes do you really need for this trip? The answer is rarely more than two (one for comfort and one to look nice), and is oftentimes one. If you can keep it to the pair you wear to the airport you’ll free up significant space in your bag.

4. Toiletries on the Other End – Unless you’re taking a quick weekend trip, leave your toiletries at home and buy them on the other end. If you’re traveling within your own country, you’ll probably be able to find your favorites at a drugstore or supermarket near your hotel. If you’re traveling abroad, buying everyday essentials at a local shop is a fun way to experience a small taste of local life.

5. Deciding on Extras – Pack everything that is absolutely essential first. Randomly tossing things in as you go will probably mean that you end up repacking your bag at least once. Now you know exactly how much room you have for extras like books or that pair of shoes you don’t need but would enjoy taking along.

6. Leave the Laptop at Home – Unless you have to work while you’re away, you don’t need it. Really, you don’t. Spend your time away immersed in being present. If you absolutely can’t stay off the internet, access it on your phone.

Considering the exorbitant fees for checking luggage these days, you can save a bundle by learning how to pack light. It’s also much less burdensome when you’re arriving in a new place to not have to figure out how to drag everything with you when you take a taxi or public transportation from the airport to the hotel, and depending upon the size of your accommodations, you’ll probably be much more comfortable in your room with less to store and keep track of during your stay.

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