Some Bizarre Church Buildings That Promise To Astonish You!

Bizarre Churches That Promise To Astonish You

It’s absolutely true that perfect things are always admired. But bizarre things are the ones that attract your attention while planning a holiday. If you are the type of person who likes to explore those things which are out of the box then here are some of the most creative church buildings for you that have ever been built on this earth. These unique church buildings are created with unique architecture and these are a must visit by any crazy explorer.

St. Joseph Greek Catholic Church

This is a very famous Ukrainian catholic church built in Chicago, Illinois. This church gives you modern feel in worshipping with its beautifully crafted contemporary structure. This church building is very eye catching with thirteen big gold domes situated on the church top. The shiny glass accessories on the building’s wall look extremely marvelous when the sunlight falls on the church building. Founded in 1956, its quite an old building but is very well structured. The interiors of the church building are even more mesmerizing with the colorful blue and golden artwork that adorns its walls. The paintings in the church are just pieces of marvel.

Michigan’s Fellowship of Grace Baptist’s Church

When you will cast a glance at the building of this church, you will probably think that it’s some museum or some swanky place for leisure. But actually it’s a Baptist church located in Detroit. This centre structure of this church consists of a quirky and tall rectangular extension of few feet. The building is surrounded by beautiful twisted white cone shaped structures on all of its four sides. It is beautiful to look at and you won’t be able to resist the urge for going inside it for praying. This church was a commercial building used for leisure purposes which was later converted to church.

St. Basil Cathedral in Russia

This church building must win the title of the most beautifully painted building with an extraordinary structure. This is a destination which should be seen at least once in a lifetime. Standing outside the church building will take you into the imaginary world of Arabian Nights. The aura and magnificence of this church building is extravagant. There are many dome structures topping the red, white and green colored building. Each and every dome is nothing less than a masterpiece. One of the domes is full of spikes and looks like a pine fruits painted in bright red and white uniformly. Another dome has twisted stripes of golden and green colors. Each dome is multi colored and has a unique construction. This church is located at the center of Moscow.

Greek Panagia Paraportiani Church

On the island of Mykonos in Greece lies this beautiful PanagiaParaportianiChurch in the Kastro area. The building of the church has a beautiful architecture. An unusual fact about this church is that its construction was started in the early fourteenth century but it ended after three more centuries. This beautiful white building is actually a collection of five different church building in the same place. This famous building in Greece looks so squeaky white that it appears to built out of snow. One of the five churches is built on the top of other four. This is a very beautiful church with equally pretty landscape surrounding it.

Some Bizarre Church Buildings That Promise To Astonish You!

Salt Cathedral Church in Zipaquira

There are so many unusual and beautiful places in the world to see that one would want to leave everything for the sake of travelling to some beautiful destinations. One of the best examples of refined human made architecture is this SaltCathedralChurch built in Colombia. This is a beautifully crafted underground church built in the salt mines of HaliteMountains and is 200metres below the ground level. Beautiful illuminated sculptures are decorated inside this church which gives the impression of combination of medieval and modern art. The `cross and angel sculpture’ and the `main altar’ are the chief attraction sof this church.

St. Michdel d’Aiguilhe Church

Built in the mid 19th century in France, this church is one of the favorite tourist hotspots. The church is located more than 270 feet above the ground and is built on a volcanic mountain. This church is built in the honor of Saint James. Although the church’s construction is simple but it’s astonishing to look at the efforts that must have gone in building the church on the top of this giant mountainous rock with more than 260 steps cut into the mountain to reach it.

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