Embark on Your Road Trip Safely and Conveniently Girls!

So you are one of those daring girls who challenge the conventional notion that girls can’t handle travelling alone and deal with the challenges that road trips bring along with them? A road trip on your own can be a bit challenging being a girl but there is nothing which girls can’t do if they want. A road trip is a liberating and spiritual experience apart from being adventurous. A liberating road trip can add the spark back into your life and you will feel much more confident. So just to help you out, here are a few tips to make your trip easier.

Book a jeep rather than a car
Travelling in a swanky new car can look really cool. But it’s necessary to remember that you are out for fun and the car may not be able to give its best performance on patchy roads and muddy pathways. A sturdy vehicle like a jeep or a small truck will be more suitable for road trip as they are easier to handle girls. The sturdy vehicle will prove to be your biggest asset when you will be driving on rocky paths. The fuel efficiency of such a vehicle will be much better than a car and really less maintenance will be required. Also it’s important to consider that the vehicle shouldn’t get heated up after long driving hours. Always test drive for 3-4 kilometers before zeroing on any vehicle for a long road trip.

Keep ample fuel supplies for emergency
The tip which can’t be stressed enough is about keeping sufficient fuel supplies in the vehicle. Girls are in the habit of carrying a lot of bags with them while travelling. So it’s advisable that you cut down your luggage and instead keep enough fuel to last you for at least two or three days in case of emergency. It may happen that during the road trip you may not be able to find a refueling station when needed. Also, it could happen that sometimes even if you find a petrol pump, the place may not be suitable enough for stopping your vehicle.


Dress up in sporty attire rather than eye catching one
Dressing down is the key to gather the least attention. There will always be abundance of people who may throw nasty remarks and ogle. You won’t feel confident in a skirt while on your own, right? A sporty dress which is comfortable and is not at all revealing is the best option for girls. You could wear trek pants, comfortable cotton tee shirts and a cap to keep your hair in control. Another important thing that you must remember is that always pay attention to the brasseries and undergarments that you wear. Make sure that nothing is super tight or lose and the strings are comfortable because you would have to drive long hours. A good pair of sports boots will be your best friend in the journey. In case you need to run, then don’t expect your dainty sandal to work for you. A good pair of sports shoes with spikes is the best bet.

Opt for paying guest accommodations at night
Opting for small hotels and lodges isn’t always a good idea. If you check in at the lodges late at night, then it doesn’t look appropriate on the first place. Also you can’t trust the staff of small hotels and lodges. If you can afford, then opt for the best luxury suites and 5 star hotels for staying because they are comparatively safer due to the elite crowd present. But if you can’t spend that much, then paying guest accommodations are the safest bet for single girls. Paying guest accommodations can be searched with some guidance from the locals. You will not only have homely food and a safe room to spend the night but you will also experience the local culture.

Don’t forget some necessary stuff
While packing your luggage make sure that you have packed in essential items which you are going to need on your trip. Keeping medicines for common ailments is often advised. But make sure that you have some painkillers to help you in case you have periods while you are on your road trip. You are on your own and you can’t take any risks. Also keep some injury spray to deal with occasional sprains in the leg. Keeping a few bottles of good sunscreen along with sunglasses will help you to protect your eyes and skin.

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