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Exploring the Untamed Beauty of Alaska

The untamed beauty of Alaska is unsurpassed. Whether your preferences run towards fishing, hiking the back country, or viewing wildlife, if you love outdoor adventure, Alaska has to be one of the places you visit before you die. Every season in Alaska brings with it a new range of outdoor exploration, and you’re sure to find plenty to fill your days and nights in this magical place.

What Makes Alaska One of the Most Amazing Places in the World?

  1. The Northern Lights – Alaska is located directly under the auroral oval, which means that the viewing of the Northern Lights is like no other. This spectacular natural phenomenon takes place from August 21 – April 21, and is an event you will never forget.
  2. Sled Dog Tours – Traveling the snowy wilderness by dogsled is a unique way to experience the landscape of Alaska. You will learn to guide your own team of dogs and explore the Denali National Park wilderness, with sightings of caribou, wolves, moose, foxes, and lynx all being possible.
  3. Tongass National Forest – Visit the extraordinary Glacier Gardens within one of the most beautiful National Forests you will ever visit. You can also experience a stunning panoramic view of Juneau while you’re there. You can see wildlife ranging from whales to eagles as you camp, hike, or kayak, as well as explore the glaciers, during your stay in this pristine example of diverse landscapes, with its wide variety of flora and fauna, all in one park.
  4. Dog SleddingFishing – Alaska is a fisherman’s dream come true. Saltwater, freshwater, and fly fishing can all be found here. If you want a winter fishing adventure, try your hand at ice fishing. With more than 627 species of fish, the catch of the day will never be boring. Depending upon where you fish, you can prepare your own catch for your evening meal or have it prepared for you by expert chefs for a gastronomical experience that will leave you sighing with pleasure and loosening your belt buckle.
  5. Native Culture – If you’re a history buff, the many museums and cultural events highlighting the unique and beautiful traditions of Alaska’s Native people will give you plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the history of the place with everything from music festivals to totem carving, and the blanket toss ritual. Explore ancient artifacts and Native art in the museums, or visit the galleries and buy a beautiful one of kind piece of art that will outlive the appeal of cheesy tourist trap t-shirts and trinkets as a souvenir for years to come.

When planning your Alaskan adventure, be sure to take into account the weather, your level of physical fitness and level of experience, and your activity preferences. Different times of year and activities will appeal to different people, but regardless of when you choose to go, your vacation in Alaska is sure to be one you won’t soon forget. Explore the untamed beauty of this state, and you may well find yourself planning your next visit before you ever make it home.

photo credit: blmiers2 / drurydrama (Len Radin)

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