Find The World’s Tastiest Food on the Streets rather Than Costly Restaurants!

Find The World’s Tastiest Food on the Streets Rather than Costly Restaurants!

You have set out on a world tour and booked yourself air fares in the business class. You are ready to utilize your leisure time in seeing the best places and you dream of dining out in the best restaurants over the globe. But what if you are told that there is more to travel, leisure and food than you have thought? Actually the best and the tastiest food is never found in never found in costly platters in the restaurants. Finding the best local street food in most of the countries you plan to visit is like finding a gem. Let’s see what the hidden secret about street food is.

Doner kebab 
Doner kebab is a dish commonly sold in the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. This meat dish is extremely popular with the locals and is a mouthwatering delicacy. A variety of meat options like lamb, chicken and veal etc is mixed and then it is cooked on a vertical rod on slow flame. Small meat flakes are cut out in the form of thin strips when you order a plate for yourself. These crispy and crunchy meat flakes are then wrapped inside hot pita bread or bun and garnished with onion, green chili, tomato and lettuce. It costs very less and is a filling option.

While your stay in Mexico the one dish that you shouldn’t miss is the `Alcapurria’. This is a strongly flavored and spicy delicacy commonly sold on the street shops. It looks like an egg shaped crispy brown meat ball from outside. The outer dough is prepared by vegetable and tuber flour made up of local vegetables. The dough is then given an oval shape and inside the yummy stuffing of cooked ground meat or beef is filled. In some variations of this dish, ground seafood like prawns etc are also filled inside the dough. This is a must have item and the taste will keep lingering in your mouth for long.

Focaccia Di Recco
When you think of Italy the one food item that comes to your mind is the pizza or pizzeria. But another less commonly known street food savoring is the Genoese’s Focaccia Di Recco. This gourmet dish is made with the stuffing of quark cheese between the two very thin dough slices. After baking it is served with a thin bread which is a flavorful delight consisting of olive oil and salt seasoning. This dish tastes best when served hot and you could have it garnished with basil and extra cheese too.

Find The World’s Tastiest Food on the Streets rather Than Costly Restaurants!

Ramen Noodles
Japanese cuisine hunt can’t be over without the `Ramen noodles’. These subtly flavored Ramen noodles are different than any of the noodle versions you have ever tasted. Wheat noodles are cooked in fish broth which gives the noodles an exotic taste. Then soy sauce is used to flavor it. The noodles are served hot with pork pieces, seaweed and green onions. Another variation of egg flavored Ramen noodles is also quite popular among the Japanese streets. The aroma of this dish could be smelled from the other corner of the room. If you are lucky, then the vendors can even teach you how to make this easy to prepare dish. After all travelling is enjoyable only when you team it up with lots of fun and learning, right?

China is famous for its chowmein, noodles and meat delicacies. But one food item that’s a must have is the `tanghulu’. This is also known commonly as `bingtanghulu’. The fruits are candied and they are coated with various mouthwatering seasonings. The fruits like pineapple, apple, strawberry, oranges, kiwi and cherry tomatoes etc are usually used for the purpose of preparing the candy. But the traditional fruit- `hawthorn’ is the one you must go for. The candied fruits have a hard coating of sugar syrup. The candies are then sold with a long bamboo stick stuck between many pieces. Sometimes you can find chocolate coated candied hawthorn versions. These candies are locally available in the market. You can take them home for gifting purposes too.

The real fun not always lies in dining in the best of restaurants which are so much costly too. You can enjoy travelling only when you shed your inhibitions and roll up your sleeves to indulge in the local street food of the area while having a chat with the locals.

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