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From Vine to Vino: How to Plan an 8 Day Wine Tour of Tuscany and Umbria

The relationship between Italy and its vino is one that is rich with history and laden with layers of cultural context and emotional back-stories that are as complex as the wines themselves. When you begin to make arrangements for a wine tour of Tuscany and Umbria, you should plan for a full eight days in order to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Shorter tours are available, and while they will still be fun and informative, there is simply no way to pack the full experience into such a compact time frame. While wine tours of the area vary considerably, there is one thing you can be sure of, regardless of the tour you choose; it is never just about the wine.

How to Plan an 8 Day Wine Tour of Tuscany and Umbria

  1. Budget – Unless you are one of the lucky few for whom this is not a concern, you will need to set a budget before you begin your quest for the perfect 8 day wine tour. While self-guided options are oftentimes more economical, don’t discount the guided tours until you’ve done your research. Sometimes you will be able to find all-inclusive or mostly-inclusive packages that appear to be more expensive at first glance, but when you break down the cost of airfare, accommodations, meals, and tours, end up being far less expensive than going it alone.
  2. UmbriaType of tour – While budget will play a role in the type of tour you choose, so will personal preference. If you prefer to be completely autonomous and free to explore at your own pace, a self-guided tour is in order. If you prefer one on one attention, and some autonomy, a private tour might be your best option. Group tours are best for those who want the expertise of a guide and enjoy the shared social experience of group tours, where you are likely to interact with lots of other people and make new friends.
  3. Extra activities – In addition to the typical wine tastings and vineyard tours, many of the wine tours available throughout Tuscany and Umbria include other activities such as sightseeing, chocolate tastings, and cooking classes. Sometimes these are included in the cost of your tour and sometimes they are made available for an extra fee. If extras are of interest to you, be sure to ask about them before booking your tour to ensure that you get the experience you are hoping for.

Your wine tour of Tuscany and Italy will be fun, educational, and delicious, regardless of the type of tour you plan. You will leave with an appreciation of what it takes to transform the fruit of the vine into the bottle of fine wine on your table. You’ll also learn plenty about the history of the region and its winemakers, see beautiful scenery, and your palate will be treated to not only a wide variety of wines, but also specialty foods including pasta, truffles, and chocolates. It is sure to be an intoxicating experience from start to finish.

photo credit: bluestardrop – Andrea Mucelli / Cinzia A. Rizzo / fataetoile

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