Get Prepared To Indulge In the Craziest Sport during Your Vacations

Get Prepared To Indulge In the Craziest Sport during Your Vacation

Any guesses for the craziest sport? It can be none other than `Bungee Jumping’. Indulging in this extreme adrenaline pumping sport is always the secret wish in the mind of a travel and adventure fanatic. While on your visit to some hilly destination or a river side, you must have encountered a bunch of people who were preparing to jump off the cliff laced with all the fascinating bungee jumping equipment.

The adventurous, fun and leisure activity seems to be so intriguing when you imagine jumping off a cliff or a height with just ropes attached to your body and then floating in the infinite atmosphere gushing in the fresh oxygen. These tips will help you prepare for this sport.

Never do it on impulse
When you are holidaying in some valley with a bungee jumping facility, then you may get impulsively excited to go for bungee jumping there. But this is a decision that can be made momentarily. You must understand the pros and cons of this sport along with the health risks involved. Understand this sport and gain knowledge about it so that your instincts may guide you correctly.

Get health checkup before and after
If you are suffering from any hemorrhage issue, lung problem and joints weakening etc. then this adventure is not for you. Getting a complete health check up done is extremely essential to analyze whether you are fit for bungee jumping or not. Medical checkup after bungee jumping is also advisable because it will help in diagnosing unseen health complications due to the falling impact.

Get a health insurance before your travel
If you are not having a health insurance prior to bungee jumping, then you must get one. Health insurance can help tremendously in covering medical treatment costs in case any mishap happens during bungee jumping. This will also cover your complete body medical checkup costs before bungee jumping.

Go to a trusted tourist spot
Choosing the right tourist spot is extremely essential because the reputed bungee jumping locations are more trustworthy regarding safety. Also, the more popular bungee jumping spots have the most qualified and better equipped professionals because of greater tourist influx. The known bungee jumping locations also have the advantage of least risk factor because people know the height of the cliff and other factors accurately. Checking the certification of the organizers for the `bungee jump’ is essential.

Get Prepared To Indulge In the Craziest Sport during Your Vacations

Choose lesser altitude for jump
The altitude from which the bungee jumping is to be done is of utmost importance. If you are a beginner then you may not realize the importance of height. The chord length connected to your body gear depends on the altitude. Also, more altitude means more reflexes while jumping. So you must ensure that the place you choose for bungee jumping doesn’t have extreme altitudes. Also jumping from a very less height isn’t a good practice as well. It’s so because when the elastic chord string will follow the pendulum motion, then you may collide with the upper cliff and lower ground.

Never go easy with equipment
Wearing the equipment correctly is crucial for avoiding any sort of fatalities associated with the adventure sport. Never be shy in taking help from the professionals in securing the protective gear, harness and chords properly on your body. You must check each and every inch of the chord and protective harness. Even a slight crack or damage may cost you your life. Cost should never be a consideration when choosing your bungee jumping guides and equipment. Nothing is costlier than life!

Indulge in duet jumping
For those people who are going to indulge in bungee jumping for the first time, the duet jumping in extremely beneficial and comfortable. Duet jumping means that there will be another person who will be jumping with you at the same time. You could see the other person doing the same thing and you will be motivated by it. Also the other person may help you in the initial few seconds of jumping by guiding you. Even if you are a seasoned bungee jumper, then also duet jumping is considered safer as it help to keep your spirit high.

Apparel and food choices before jumping
The apparel that you wear must be elastic in nature to let your skin breathe and to make you comfortable during the jump because the blood circulation is going to be increased at a rapid rate. Wearing any kind of pocket chains, neck chains, bracelets, loop earrings and watch etc must be avoided to avoid any tangling issue with the safety rope. The shoes that you wear should also be comfortable. Eating a light snack like a chocolate energy bar will help you to relax while jumping, but water or any sort of drinks shouldn’t be consumed at least an hour before the jump so that you don’t feel like throwing up.

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