Have Fun on Cruise Ships despite Disability with These Valuable Tips

Have Fun on Cruise Ships with these Valuable Tips

Travelling comfortably with disability and wheelchair can be very easy because the world is becoming more aware for your needs. You can enjoy cruise holidays too when you follow these precious suggestions.

Opt for disability friendly cruise
Not all cruise ships are geared with facilities for people with disability. But many of the luxury ships are fully equipped to accommodate your requirements. Before booking any cruise you should make sure that they have special seating arrangements, wheelchair transportation arrangements and slant elevations for easing out your travel. You can inform the cruise organizers beforehand if you require some special food item or if you are allergic to certain ingredient in your diet. Small budget cruise ships seldom cater to such needs, so it’s better to avoid them.

Book accommodation on lower floor of deck
The cruise ships usually have more than one floor on the deck for accommodations and recreational purposes. While booking a room make sure that the room is built on the ground floor of the deck so that it will be very convenient for you to move around on your own. Even if they have no accommodations on ground floor then also make sure that the room they are offering will be easily accessible by you. The lift facilities, elevations for moving your wheelchair etc must be there.

Never forget your medical certification
The medical certification is extremely essential for all the disabled people while travelling because it helps the authorities to analyze your condition and provide you with all the necessary facilities. In fact keep some copies of your medical certificate too in case you need to submit one. Not only on the cruise ship, but on the ports too this certificate will be checked by port officials. The certificate also has another great advantage. In case you need medical help during your travel, the certificate will help the doctors to quickly ascertain the extent of your disability. The treatment will be done accordingly.

Pre analyze the ports and hotel booking
The cruise ship will have pre fixed ports where the ships will be halting. You can check the ports and nearby hotels in advance. This will help you in doing advance booking for hotels which have special services for your purpose. Convenient hotel booking will lead to your comfortable stay during vacationing. Nowadays all the hotel booking can be easily done online. So, you can avail the internet facility on your cell phone too to check on any details you might need anytime about hotels.

Always take extra stock of medicines
You must keep all your medicines in a separate pouch in your carry bag so that you have access to your medicines whenever required without the need to unpack your stuff. Keeping an extra set of all your medicines is a very wise thing to do. Also you must keep your antibiotics and cotton swabs handy so that you could give first aid treatment to any wound in case some mishap happens. You should also keep suppressants to combat with sea sickness in case you feel uncomfortable on board.

Have Fun on Cruise Ships despite Disability with These Valuable Tips

Make sure prosthetics work
Before you leave home for travelling always make sure that the prosthetics that you are using are working in perfect condition. It is better to fix an appointment with your physician before the trip so that your prosthetics and general health can be checked by some professional. Also make sure that you have another set of prosthetics in case you need to change the old one due to some fault.

Check for the size and space of rooms upon arrival
Whenever you arrive on your cruise ship, the first thing you should do is to check the cabin that has been allotted to you on the deck. The spaciousness of your cabin room and bathroom matters because you should be able to move around freely in the room with wheelchair. The cabin room’s entrance should be large enough so that your wheelchair can pass easily. Also make sure that the cabin is not in some remote corner of the deck so that it is easier for you to mingle with fellow travelers.

Check how you can have help in emergency
Also make sure that the cabin room that you have been allotted is near to the room of any of the cabin crew to make you even more comfortable. There must be telephone or bell service in your room so that you could call someone for help in case you need immediate medical attention or help with some issue. Checking all these factors is really important.

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