How Can Mother Nature Be So Biased While Bestowing Beauty Upon Greenland

How Can Mother Nature Be So Biased While Bestowing Beauty Upon Greenland

Greenland is an exotic island located in the arctic region and it has a self government system. This island has vast ice cover in the majority of the area and has a population of less than 60,000 people. The calmness and serenity of the Greenland’s landscape make it a perfect holiday destination. During summers, the temperature is more pleasing for visitors. This can be a perfect spot for newlywed couples and adventure lovers. Another advantage of visiting Greenland is that you can spend your holidays with peace unlike other crowded tourist destinations. Four spots that you must not miss are here for you.

Even `breathtaking’ is less for `Ice Canyon’

Ice Canyon is a picturesque location in Greenland and the place’s beauty will leave you spellbound for a few moments. No wonder that this place always finds a place in the itinerary of visitors. The beauty of the ice canyon lies in the marvelous natural design structure formed out of ice which gives a mix of contrasting blue, white and sea green colors.

The ice canyon has a structure with ice cut out at least 40-45 meters deeper than the ground level. In the ice valley flows the crystal clear icy water as a small river which perfectly reflects the colors of blue sky. The water appears blue and sea green in color and forms a mesmerizing view with the white ice surrounding it.

`Scoresby Sund’ has beautiful vegetation

Scoresby Sund is a network of biggest and deepest fjords found in the world. Fjords are formed when sea water fills the spaces left out by retreating glaciers and deep inlets of sea water are formed. Actually Scoresby Sund is exactly the same thing with the water inlets as deep as 4000 feet and above. Various islands have been formed in the fjord structure of Scoresby Sund which are blesses with beautiful vegetation full of colorful plants and flowers.
But the vegetation at Sydkap stands apart from the rest.

The tundra region has ample source of water from the inlet and the climate is also less harsh in that region. Therefore the island is filled with beautiful pink, yellow and green flowers apart from many other beautiful plants. The landscape of Sydkap is Scoresby Sund looks extremely pretty with the colorful image that the nature has created. You can enjoy the variety of fauna in Scoresby Sund which comprise of goose with pink feet, herring gull, little auk, musk ox and snowy owl etc. It is a must visit place in Greenland.

IIulissat Icefjord can’t be missed

This is another wonder of nature located in the bay of disko bugt in IIulissat, Greenland. On the coastal region of Greenland, this huge iceberg lies in the sea and the size of this iceberg is really large. The glacier looks like a beautiful snow white mountain in the blue sea waters. But actually the iceberg size that you see above the sea level is not even one third of its actual size. Major part of this iceberg lies inside the sea level. IIulissat Icefjord is also called as the mouth of the Arctic sea due to the active nature of this giant iceberg.

You can imagine the size of this giant iceberg by the fact that it melts about 15-20meters per day but still it’s been there for such a long time. The glacier has been declared as a Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its unique nature. You could even go closer to this iceberg in a fishing boat to appreciate its size and beauty. Due to the melting, the glacier always has a peculiar sound around it which amuses the visitors a lot.

How Can Mother Nature Be So Biased While Bestowing Beauty Upon Greenland

Explore `Northeast Greenland National Park’

Visiting Northern Greenland National Park requires permission from the `Polar Center’. Established in 1970s this national park is a heaven for adventure seekers and nature lovers. The park has so much to offer to the visitors and don’t go by the name. It’s not actually a park. It comprises of the largest land area that any National Park in the world has. You would love to explore the park in a group expedition trip.

Human population is scarcely existent there and only visitors can be found. The region consists of beautiful glaciers and icebergs which add to the scenic beauty. A fjord named `Franz Josef’ is also extremely popular in this national park. The fauna of this national park is very rich and you can see walrus, oxen, polar bear, arctic hare, bearded seal, sanderling and raven etc. You could even go for mountain climbing here.

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