How to Plan A Sleeping Vacation and Why You Will Love It!

Have you ever heard of a sleeping vacation? If not, chances are high that you will soon. Sleep deprivation has become a disease of the masses. With ridiculous schedules including work days that are oftentimes significantly longer than those of prior generations, a plethora of extracurricular activities for children and hobbies and gym memberships vying for adults to keep going, it’s no wonder that we’re all a bunch of stressed out insomniacs! All of these factors have led to resorts, hotels, and spas that create custom packages for sleep deprived vacationers, with the goal of sending you home feeling well rested and pampered. The trend is catching on, and as it grows, the options for sleeping vacations are growing with it.

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The options for sleeping vacations cover a broad swath of services and amenities. Those who feel that they might have an actual medical condition that is contributing to their sleep deprivation would do well to consider a sleep vacation that involves a medical component. During these vacations, you are assessed by a physician and go through an actual sleep study. Unlike a sleep study clinic, these medically monitored sleeping vacations take place in luxurious resorts, with all of the usual posh comforts one would expect to find is such an atmosphere. When you’re not meeting with your doctor or hooked up to an EEG in the comfort of your swanky hotel room, you can lounge poolside, enjoy spa treatments like facials and massages, and dine on 5 star cuisine.

Sleeping LadyIf you feel fairly certain that your exhaustion is due to plain old stress and long, busy days, you may choose to bypass the visits with doctors and sleep studies, opting instead for an opulent sleeping vacation designed to pamper you to sleep. The options available are almost limitless. Some sleeping vacations offer hotel rooms equipped with special lighting and sound systems designed to help you sleep. Others offer in-room massages and aromatherapy. You can enjoy room service that serves you delicious foods in your bed, and nap bars where you pay for time in a zero-gravity or massage chair to take a rest. All of these creature comforts might sound like pure opulence (and they are!), but they all focus on restoring your body in ways that are free from harmful side effects and can help reset your internal sleep mechanisms. The sleep you will get during such a vacation is nice, but the ultimate goal is to be able to maintain decent sleep patterns once you’re back home and in the swing of daily life again.

Sleep vacationers rave about the experience, and some even claim that they have positively changed their quality of life in long-term ways. Even if you’re skeptical about that, you really have nothing to lose. At worst, you will have an enjoyable experience receiving massages and spa treatments in a beautiful setting, which isn’t exactly torture. At best, you could return home with more energy than you’ve experienced in years, and the ability to sleep well. Even if you end up sleeping through most of it, it’s a vacation you’re not likely to forget anytime soon.

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