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Live Like the Locals: How to Rent an Apartment (Cheaper than a Hotel Room) Using Sites Like Windmu

Part of the fun of planning your travel adventures is choosing where to stay while you’re away. Hotels can become costly very quickly, especially if you’re planning an extended stay in your new locale. Sites like Windmu, Home Away, and Airbnb, are wonderful places to search for furnished apartments to rent during your travels. Oftentimes they end up costing about half of what a hotel room would cost for a stay of more than five days, and you can save an extra chunk of change by making use of the kitchen, rather than eating out for every meal. If you’ve never rented an apartment while traveling, here’s how it’s done.

A Step by Step Guide to Renting an Apartment for Less Than a Hotel Room

  1. Set up a profile – When you set up a profile on an apartment rental site, it is both for your protection and the protection of the person you will be renting from. If you find yourself feeling annoyed with the process, try to keep in mind that the people you are renting from went through the same thing, and you wouldn’t want to rent from someone who didn’t. These companies do their best to ensure that both travelers and property owners don’t find themselves dealing with shady people who might be dangerous.
  2. Check out the apartments – Carefully read the profiles of each apartment in the area you will be traveling. You will want to choose a place that has a detailed description and clear photographs to help you with the decision making process.
  3. Apt WindowRead the reviews – This is probably ten times more important than the description and pictures. While most people renting out their apartments are honest, it is also true that they might play up positive features while neglecting to mention the negatives, and of course, pictures will be taken to highlight the best. No one is going to take a picture of a broken sink or a bug infested kitchen. Gather information about the neighborhood. You’ll want a place that is in a safe area, and hopefully in a neighborhood where there’s a lot to do.
  4. Make your reservation – Make sure you have all of the information you will need for your arrival day. You need to know how to go about getting the keys, what time you will be allowed to arrive and settle in, and when you will be expected to be out of the place.

Renting a furnished apartment will not only save you money, it will be more spacious and comfortable than a hotel room in most cases. The home away from home atmosphere will allow you to get away from it all when you’re tired of your tourist activities and need to unwind before heading back out to see the sights. When traveling, it’s a rare experience to come across something that actually allows you to have more of something you desire for less money than the alternatives, but in the case of apartment rentals you do. You get more space, more privacy, and more of a full-immersion experience of what it is like to live in the place you’re visiting.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk/Funkybug

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