Mesmerizing Landscapes Which Will Make You Change Your Itineraries 1

Mesmerizing Landscapes Which Will Make You Change Your Itineraries

So, you have packed your bags and are heading to trot some beautiful places in this world? There are a few beautiful landscapes over there which will make you swoon over them with admiration. Here’s an exclusive collection of some mesmerizing places to visit for you that will definitely alter your itinerary!

Machu Pichhu is located in Peru in its Cusco region. Its sits beautifully between the mountain ranges of Urubamba Valley and it’s an Inca Site believed to have been formed in the 15th century. This site was said to be built for an ancient emperor in early times and it was reconstructed by the Government without making any change in its original structure.
This site is 2430 meters above sea level and is surrounded by cliffs while the Urubamba River flows at its bottom on its three sides. You should visit this site from May to September when there are lesser chances of rainfall. You can see the numerous design details of the city with traces of well built ancient Inca cities built up here which was a classic construction depicting upper town and down town. The `Temple of Sun’ and `Room of Three Cities’ are places on this site which are a must see. No wonder that this archaeological site was voted for one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Mesmerizing Landscapes Which Will Make You Change Your Itineraries 1

Another must experience location is Bora Bora Island located in the overseas collective islands of France in the Pacific Ocean. This island is surrounded by lagoons and barrier reef and the land is full of coconut trees. This exotic tourist location is widely known for its water sports activities. For the best staying option, you could go for the `Four Seasons Resort’. You can go for scuba diving, Jet Ski, snorkeling here and completely relax yourself with the spas and aromatherapy centers here. You won’t be getting any public vehicles here and you have to use bicycles here. This place has some of the best dive operators which could help you do sea diving and see some of the rare fish species found amidst the coral reefs. This place should be visited in the months of May to October when you would get clear skies.

Lencois Marenhenses is a divine landscape located in Brazil. The place is known for its dazzling sand dunes which are shifting in nature and freshwater lagoons which make for great beach spots in the desserts. This place is known as`Bedsheets of Maranhao’ due to its long stretched spectacular sand dunes which could be enjoyed in the dune buggies available here for the tourists. The small ponds of water surrounded by small hills of sand give such a striking green colored reflection complementing the blue sky above. July to September is the best time to visit this romantic destination as rains fill up these beautiful pools during that time.

Neumayer and Lemaire channels located in the Antarctica are just breathtaking. It’s a place where a small river channel is surrounded by beautiful white snow covered peaks in Rock Mountains and huge glaciers can be seen afloat in the water body. Boating facility is provided here for tourists and you could just ride on a boat in this channel and see picturesque view of penguins roaming around on the snow covered land at the bottom of the mountains. These cute animals including penguins and seals make the landscape even more pretty and lots of tourists come here to enjoy river rafting along with animal viewing. You should check with the travel authorities before coming to this place because the channel may get closed sometimes due to weather conditions.

Mesmerizing Landscapes Which Will Make You Change Your Itineraries 2

For some hardcore travel enthusiasts there is Mount Erebus which is a quiet mountain range and is the second highest volcanic peak in Antarctica in the Ross Island. The serenity of this place lies in peaceful atmosphere engulfing the white active mountain ranges where you could go for trekking too. But climbing the mountain is always advisable to the tourists in the months of summer as the volcanic mountains remains calm them. It is the sixth highest ultra mountain on this island. You would find trekking experts there during summer months who would take you for expeditions in the mountains.

These beautiful places must be visited by you because apart from the extravagant beauties of these landscapes, they are not over crowded with tourists and make for a happy and peaceful holiday trip.

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