New Mexico A Truly Awesome and Cheap Weekend Getaway 2

New Mexico: A Truly Awesome and Cheap Weekend Getaway

Are you thinking of going out-of-town this weekend with your family and friends? Do you want to experience something new for a change? Then why not travel on the Southwest side and go to New Mexico and see the city of Santa Fe? In this article, we are going to talk about the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico as one of the cheap weekend getaways you can go with your family. This article is created to provide useful information to those who want to have a great time with the family without having to spend much on the weekend vacation.

Overview Of The City:

Santa Fe, which literally means ‘Holy Faith’ in Spanish is the capital city of New Mexico and it is considered to be the oldest city-state in America as well as the fourth largest city in New Mexico. The place was originally occupied by the Pueblo Indians from 1050-1150 and had remained independent for the next 4 years. Then Don Juan de Oñate made an effort to establish the place as one of the colonies of New Spain in 1598. It has been under the Spanish rule in the past, but it was eventually handed over to the United States when the Republic of Texas claimed New Mexico to be the western portion of Texas. New Mexico was formally established as the 47th state of the U.S. in 1912. The place have earned its popularity, especially to tourist because of its beautiful sceneries, abundant cultural displays, and inexpensive vacation packages. It’s truly one of the cheap weekend getaways you can go in the United States.

The Weather In New Mexico:

The state of New Mexico is included in the semi-arid zone in the Americas with cold evenings and humid daytime. The average temperature during the day is 86 degrees Fahrenheit and it grows cooler as the day moves on. The snowfall is typically light and it happens during November to April of the next year. The heavy rains usually come in the middle part of the year particularly, in July to August.

What To Do In New Mexico:

Whenever in Santa Fe, the best time to roam around the cityscape according to locals is around night time for sightseeing. But if you prefer to have a more cultural experience, here are some recommended places to go to enjoy this cheap weekend getaways:

The Plaza – it’s located at the heart of the city. It’s Santa Fe’s most historic area for it is where the city was founded by its forefathers. The Plaza is the common place where people can stroll around and enjoy the surrounding sceneries. It’s usually the best place to start understanding the city’s history. Moreover, it is accessible to most hotels and restaurants for the tourist’s convenience.

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum – this museum housed about 1,000 of O’Keeffe artworks and it’s displayed for the public to see. It also has a restaurant that offers excellent food, ideal for having lunch with friends and family.

Museum Hill – this is the place where 4 of the most interesting museums are located. These museums are the Wheelwright museum of the American Indian, Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, Museum of International Folk Art, and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture.

St. Francis Cathedral – Spanish culture is also inclined mostly on religion, so if you want to be in tuned with your spirituality on this cheap weekend getaways, then it’s recommended to go to the St. Francis Cathedral. This cathedral is an example of how the colonizers influenced Santa Fe. St. Francis Cathedral was built around 1889 and it’s has become one of the favorite tourist spots in Santa Fe.

Absolute Nirvana and Spa Gardens – after a day of sightseeing and walking around, how about spending a relaxing time in the spa to replenish the body? The spa is located downtown of Santa Fe and they provide excellent spa services for everybody to enjoy.

Taos – this is a small town in New Mexico about 113 kilometers of Santa Fe and is one of the popular day trips you can do on this cheap weekend getaways. You will be able to see a lot of old buildings and establishments which can also describe the rich history of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Ski City – there’s also a ski facility you can find in this cheap weekend getaways in Santa Fe. So if you feel the need to ride the snow, then just hop on an wear your ski mask and enjoy some of the great rentals deals they offer to vacationers.

These are some of the wonderful places to go and enjoy whenever in Santa Fe. Just a simple reminder, expect to do a lot of walking so bring some hiking shoes with you. Bring your necessities as well and have a great time!

Tips To Really Enjoy This Cheap Weekend Getaways:

Whenever travelling to Santa Fe, there are some travelling tips you might need to consider in order to maximize the fun factor on one of the cheap weekend getaways in the country:

Go around the place by foot – it’s best to appreciate the wonderful attractions of Santa Fe if you walk on foot. Hike around the city and explore every corner of the streets. Know the story of each location so that you will be able to understand the rich culture that this place has to offer to every tourist in the United States.

New Mexico A Truly Awesome and Cheap Weekend Getaway 1

Travel outside the cityscape – instead of moving around the city, why not go to some attractions outside the city like discovering the cliff dwellings and some historic pueblos. You don’t have to spend anything extra. Just take a short drive out of town and you’ll surely a one of kind place to experience fun on one of the cheap weekend getaways in the U.S.

Experience “The City Different” – after a long day of invigorating walk, go home to some of the beautiful and cheap hotels in New Mexico. Cheap accommodation abound the place, so you don’t have to worry on finding the best place to stay for the duration of the weekend. Just try to remember that the closer you reside along the Santa Fe plaza, the pricier your bill could get. That’s their general rule.

 So if you want to visit a place full of Spanish culture and history without having to spend much, then go to Santa Fe in New Mexico and have a good time. Have a wonderful time with your family on one of the cheap weekend getaways in the United States.

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  1. My favorite part about Mexico is the food! Salsa and tequila is what I dream of. I actually lived in Mexico for 1 year it was such good time of my life.

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