Packing Like a Pro – 10 Valuable Tips

Have you ever found yourself precariously digging through your suitcase on your trip to find things you need? Packing your suitcase for your road trip is quite different from any other vacation because you’ll be staying at different places every night rather than settling in at some hotel for few days. Now if you pack for your road trip like you usually do for your vacations, you’ll be driving yourself crazy searching for thing, or packing and repacking them.

The most common headaches are neatly folded clothes becoming pathetically wrinkled and leaks that may stain them despite your best efforts. Scrubbing your stains in the hotel’s bathroom sink or re-ironing your clothes isn’t what you have in mind for your vacations!

So, the best solution to this issue is to start packing like a pro. Let’s have a close look at top tips for packing a suitcase:

Packing Like a Pro - 10 Valuable Tips 1

1. Buy a few sealable baggies from the market, as they are best for your “leakables”. You can pack things such as shampoo bottles, conditioners, etc in them because otherwise they can end up making a huge mess in your suitcase every time you travel. You can get them in multiple sizes, such as quart, gallon, and sandwich according to your needs. You can get sealable baggies from many online stores at attractive rates.

2. Buy a canvas or mesh laundry bag for all your dirty clothes. You can also use this bag for all your future trips to store your dirty clothes. Also buy a gentle soap or small bottle of laundry detergent for situations when you’ll have to clean something during your vacation.

3. Decide what to wear on your road trip. Next, you should lay all your outfits in the order you’ll be wearing them along with shoes and other accessories. We would recommend you to bring only few shoes as it may take lots of space when you are packing your suitcase. You can easily match a pair with multiple outfits.

4. Fold skirts and pants lengthwise and then roll from the hem of the garment upwards. Close zippers and button buttons before you role anything. You should fold the arms behind sweaters/shirts, or tops and then gently roll from the bottom upwards.

5. Place all your toiletries, brushes and “leakables” in a pile. Seal all leakables/ liquids in the baggies. Smaller baggies are best for items such as perfumes. Make sure that all baggies are fully sealed and there is no chance of any leakage spilling onto your clothes.

6. You should create a separate pile for your socks, underwear, and robe/nightclothes. The reason is that they should not only be accessible in most of the trip, but they’ll also create a buffer for all your sealed toiletries preventing any breakage.

7. It’s best to store frequently used items at the top of your suitcase. You would want to pack things so that you can easily work your way down the suitcase as your trip progresses. This will prevent the frustrating experience of packing or unpacking every time you need some stuff because “it’s lying somewhere there”. You can do this by layering each outfit starting from the last day at trip (so that it’s at the bottom) , and then next-to-the-last day and so on until your first day’s dress is right there at the top.
Packing Like a Pro - 10 Valuable Tips 2
8. Place all your shoes at the periphery of the suitcase, with their soles facing outwards (towards the lining of your suitcase).

9. If there is a separate section in your suitcase, you can put your stockings, underwear, and socks in this section. If not, you can put them on the top of everything else.

10. Lastly, place your laundry bag on the top. This will ensure its easily accessibility and you can put all your dirty clothes in it as needed.

When you are packing your suitcase, make sure that everything is comfortably packed. It should not be too tight (you may have trouble shutting it), nor too loose (your stuff will roll around here and there). This will also lead to wrinkled clothing. So the best way is to either cut back or streamline, and in case your suitcase is too empty, you can pack in a smaller bag.

Use all these useful tips for packing your suitcase on your next vacation or road trip and find out how much easier it is to access everything you need, when you need it!

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