Top Proven Safety Tips For Backpacking In Europe 1

Proven Safety Tips For Backpacking In Europe

Personal safety is often a major concern for people backpacking across Europe, more so for first time backpackers. Europe as a continent offers breathtaking experiences, ranging from the majestic cathedrals of Paris to the plummeting coastline of the Amalfi. So, all one needs besides a few essentials is an adventurous heart. For instance, you need to know what to pack, how big your backpack ought to be, as well as how to find your way around. Whilst some alarming and unusual crimes have been reported by backpackers in Europe, you need to first and foremost protect yourself from simple thefts.

To begin with, you need to follow a raft of simple strategies to protect yourself, secure your belongings, and make backpacking through Europe an unforgettable experience. The most basic tip, of course, is that you should never walk around any European destination at night minus a friend or close acquaintance. You may as well have to carry some kind of personal safety device, such as a Coleman brass whistle or pepper spray can, for use in unpleasant and emergency situations.

Top Proven Safety Tips For Backpacking In Europe 1

Backpacking Essentials – You need to have a valid passport though most of the European countries never ask for visas if one has a valid U.S one. It’s also advisable that you get yourself a Eurail Pass before you venture out as it would afford you unlimited travel through a total of 17 European countries. Buying passes on the go is very much expensive. Additionally, don’t forget to carry at least one ATM, credit card, plus your service numbers just in case of loss.

The other most vital safety and security gears that you can bring along are an assortment of small combination locks plus keys. Remember that it’s much easier for a thief to access your backpack and steal just a few things while you’re making a purchase or talking on the phone than for him/her to dash off with the whole pack. So, you should see to it that you lock all the backpack’s zippers, especially those containing valuables, to avert this.

Although napping on a train is a good way to get some much needed rest, it presents such an opportune moment for thieves to steal your backpack without your knowledge. It’s therefore much more practical to secure your backpack to a train’s luggage rack using a larger lock. You may as well have to opt for those hostels that usually offer rental lockers to patrons to protect their valuables at night or while they are out.

Items like cameras or mobile phones are probable targets for thieves, credit cards and hard cash are normally what crooks want. You should thus keep all your vital documents, such as airline tickets, rail passes, and passports in an elegant money belt or waist pack. Money pouches or money belts are far much safer than old-style fanny packs as they are worn closer to the body, making it harder for somebody to steal them.

Top Proven Safety Tips For Backpacking In Europe 2

Be very careful about the amount of hard cash you carry around with you. Major stores and restaurants in European cities accept debit or credit cards, plus you can even make arrangements to book your hotel through reliable sites. Nonetheless, be sure to check with your local bank about international ATM usage fees.

All in all, going backpacking in Europe will definitely offer you lots of tourist spots spread all over the continent. You will get to visit awesome cities, like Rome, London, and Paris, plus a host of other sites like Trevi Fountain, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower and Buckingham Palace.

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