Six Quick Steps to Nailing the Cheapest Flight 1

Six Quick Steps to Nailing the Cheapest Flight

Nowadays, getting a great deal on airline tickets is nearly an impossible task. People on average have to spend around $900 on a single ticket for coach (varying on destination), and so traveling with your family no longer becomes an option. Fortunately, people don’t have to spend so much on airline tickets because there are simple things you can do to get the cheapest ones out there. All you need is right timing and a smart mindset throughout the entire process.

Six Quick Steps to Nailing the Cheapest Flight

Step 1

First, be sure to plan your flight in advance so that you can sign up to email alerts regarding low-fare rates. To ensure that you get the lowest ticket price, you should get the ticket prior to the flight date. However, if you’re a solo attendant, you don’t have to plan so early because you can get a very low price if you buy the ticket the day before the flight because airlines want to get rid of the extra seats.

Six Quick Steps to Nailing the Cheapest Flight 1
Step 2

You must also know the right time to book tickets. International flights usually are at the cheapest 3 to 5 months in advance, where there’s variations among different destinations. Domestic flights on the other hand are a little trickier to pin-point, so it’s a smart idea to begin searching months in advance to see if the tickets get cheaper week-after-week.

Step 3

Also make sure to not be looking at one airline alone just because they are known for offering the cheapest prices. Usually people choose China Airlines because of the low prices, but you will be surprised on how other airlines at times will offer way cheaper airline tickets at times. You just need right timing and a good eye when it comes to looking at the ticket prices. Consider looking at online airline sites so that you can have it compare prices of what different airlines are charging for tickets.

Step 4

Consider buying through consolidators, as since they buy bulk tickets prior to flight, they usually offer more affordable ticket prices. To find consolidators that are legit, research Sunday travel sections on newspapers in well known U.S. cities which have big populations of the country you’re visiting. For instance, if you’re going to Israel, checking the New York Sunday newspaper will likely be the best bet. Israeli populations is big in the Big Apple and so you’ll find plenty consolidators advertising in the community.
Step 5

After you’ve bought your ticket, don’t erase your subscription from the email alerts. Still check the price in case they significantly drop, as you can still return your ticket. If this happens, use Yapta because it will help you get refunds from the airline.

Step 6

Lastly, make sure to get be on the lookout for buy one get one offers if you are traveling in packs. The more tickets you buy, usually airlines will give discounts.

After following these six simple tips, you will then be able to spot some of the best prices for your airline tickets.

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