Some Amazing Waterfalls To Look Out For While Traveling Around The World

Some Amazing Waterfalls To Look Out For While Traveling Around The World

If you have traveled around the world and especially on vacation or tour, you notice that waterfalls are among the hottest tourist attractions you can come across. The natural phenomenon is always a spectacle to watch and many people will not just take pictures of the falls but in certain places be daring enough to take a plunge and experience the falls in reality. There are a number of waterfalls around the world that are worth visiting and their memory will linger for ages.

Look out for Victoria Falls

If you are traveling on the African continent and particularly in the Zambian and Zimbabwean territory you will not miss to see this spectacular water mark. In fact this falls are located on the border of the two nations and is such a huge tourist attraction. Measuring almost a mile wide and dropping over 300 feet down you will certainly be captivated by this scenery if you choose to watch from any of the six gorges. You can also choose to spice up your view of the falls by approaching them from the national parks where you also have a chance to look at wildlife. Generally the falls and the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Parks serve as a home to some of the species of animals and large expanse of vegetation. The falls find their name from Queen Victoria and were discovered by British explorer David Livingstone.

The Yosemite falls in California 

These falls are just among the many spectacular natural wonders in the United States. This waterfall can be viewed when you visit the Yosemite national park in California. The fall is about three thousand feet high and also consists of a few stops within its body. The falls are seasonal and only stop flowing during the winter season. Therefore as you visit the park chances are that you will be able to see this impressive site in California.

The Niagara Falls

If you are in the US you probably hear of the Niagara Falls every other day. This waterfall links the US and Canada and drops 167 feet below. This is also the spot where you will find some people doing daredevil plunges and tight rope walks across. While at this point you can easily connect on one side with the Prospect Point Park tower that is in America or the observation towers on the Canadian side.

The Iguazu Falls in Latin America

On the border of Brazil and Argentina is the Iguazu falls that is also notable for its spectacular view. The fall has about three hundred drops that spread over a mile making this fall a wonder to see. Most interesting is the fact that the left drops are found within Argentina while the right ones are in Brazil. Generally more of the drops are located in Argentina and a park has been designated in this place to help tourist to gain a better view of the waterfall. The expanse of the waterfall though makes it a two day viewing affair and also because part of the terrain can only be scaled on foot for you to get a better view of the falls.

Some Amazing Waterfalls To Look Out For While Traveling Around The World

Gullfloss falls in Iceland

If you have traveled to Iceland and are curious on what to see there you will need to visit the Gullfloss also known as the Golden falls. Particularly this falls is located in the southwestern part of Iceland and descends in a staircase pattern that is a spectacle to behold. There is a gigantic crevice at the center of the falls that is rarely visible and has been thought to feed the water into the earth.

Generally the illusion that comes by watching how this phenomenon unfolds has become a very hug attraction with many tourists. This Golden falls is part of the golden circle that has other natural features like the Haukadalur valley that is full of many active geysers and the Pingvellir national park.

While on tour you can not miss some of these waterfalls and depending on how extensive your tour gets you are likely to see many more of such falls some of which are smaller and hidden in interior locations. Most certainly you will have a camera to take some of the snap shots that can help you to relive the memory of your visit to these spectacular sites.

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