The Strangest Things to See and Do in Las Vegas 1

The Strangest Things to See and Do in Las Vegas

The great thing about the city of Las Vegas is that it is one of the world’s most unpredictable cities. People can enjoy all sorts of different activities in Las Vegas but there are some things that are worth spotting that are very different from what people might expect to see. Here’s a look at nine of the most interesting things to take a look at when visiting this beautiful and fun city.

The Rides at the Atmosphere

The Atmosphere is a massive tower located near the top of the Strip. It is home to a number of different thrill rides located near its peak about nine hundred feet up in the air. These include the Insanity, Big Shot and X-Scream rides. Many of these rides will take people over the edge of the tower and are among the highest thrill rides in the entire world.

The Strangest Things to See and Do in Las Vegas 1

Kiss by Monster Mini Golf

They say that the rock band Kiss has its name on just about everything and the Kiss by Monster Mini Golf course on Paradise Road is no exception. This is an indoor miniature golf facility that features a number of rock and roll-themed decorations inside it. There’s even a hole where players put through a massive sculpture shaped like Gene Simmons’ head.

The Neon Museum

The NeonMuseum on Bonanza Road houses a number of historic neon signs. The Yesco Boneyard is a popular attraction as it includes old signs from many defunct casinos like the Stardust and Sahara. Many of these signs are maintained daily to protect them from being worn out.

The Shark Reef

The Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay Resort is a large aquarium that features a number of aquatic predators including a large variety of sharks. What makes this place unusual is that people can actually go diving with the sharks while they are here. Visitors can dive into the Shipwreck tank and be led by a dive master in a small group to see these sharks up close. However, anyone who wants to get in this attraction should be a certified diver.

The Monte Carlo’s Food Challenges

The Monte Carlo has two unusual food challenges that focus on massive foods. The Pub at Monte Carlo has the 8-Pound Burger Challenge where a person can order a $29 burger with four pounds of meat, ten slices of cheese, all the trimmings and a one pound bun alongside a thirty-two ounce beer or root beer. A diner can get it for free if it is eaten in 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, Monte Carlo’s BRAND Steakhouse has the Ultimate Steak challenge where a person can attempt to eat a 120-ounce Ultimate Steak with one side. It is free if a single person can finish it but it costs $250 if that person is unsuccessful in doing so.

The Strangest Things to See and Do in Las Vegas 2
The Zombie Apocalypse Store

Located on Spring Mountain Road, the Zombie Apocalypse Store is a place that sells survivalist of all sorts including emergency rations, camping equipment and even zombie-related souvenirs. The store was formed with the belief that people need to be prepared for when the zombie apocalypse occurs.

The Heart Attack Grill

Located at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street, the Heart Attack Grill prides itself for being the world’s unhealthiest restaurant. It is designed with a hospital theme where “patients” can order burgers that are up to two pounds in weight alongside fries cooked in lard. People can even order burgers with bacon that still has its grease on it. The largest burger here contains nearly ten thousand calories. Ironically, there have been reports of people having heart attacks after eating here.

Dig This

Dig This is known as a “heavy equipment playground” located off of Rancho Drive near I-15. People can come out to Dig This to play around the bulldozers and excavators in a massive environment. A ninety-minute session here will provide anyone with training on how to use one of these massive pieces of equipment.

Pinball Hall of Fame

The Pinball Hall of Fame on Tropicana Avenue is a very interesting museum in that it is dedicated to the fun game of pinball. It has more than a hundred pinball machines from all points of the game’s history on display. The museum was designed to preserve the history of pinball games and to showcase the unique evolution of the arcade game. Players can even play a number of these games. It is free to enter the Pinball Hall of Fame but it will cost one or two quarters to play the games here.

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