The World's Most Exotic Travel Locations Discover Iraq 1

The World’s Most Exotic Travel Locations: Discover Iraq

To most people, mentioning tourism and Iraq in the same sentence or even book is a great surprise to them. This is because the media is rife with ugly photos of Iraq burning and people dying in the streets. However, this is just a small portion of what Iraq is. Iraq is a most beautiful and fascinating country with beautiful landscape and the earliest of the Middle Eastern civilizations. Like in any other country in the world, there are luxurious hotels to dine and live in and great historical sites to look out for. Here are some of the most visited tourist sites in Iraq:

The Abbasid Palace

This great architectural monument is found along river Tigris just a few minutes drive from Baghdad. It is one of the remnants of ancient civilizations and a site worth visiting. Constructed way back in the 13th century, the remains of the Abbasid palace provide spectacular touristic appeal and its proximity to Baghdad makes it easily accessible.

The World's Most Exotic Travel Locations Discover Iraq 1

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

A tale is told of how King Nebuchadnezzar created the gardens to please his wife, who was of Persian origin. This is because she craved the lush green scenery of her native land and so the king decided to make it by employing irrigation techniques. The gardens date back to 600 BC and although they do not still hold their original appeal, they are a great attraction. They are one of the Seven Wonders of the World and they are found near the river Euphrates. In present day Iraq, the hanging gardens of Babylon are found in the region of Al Hillah, Babil.

The ruins of Ur

The biblical Sumerian city of Ur where Abraham was born is also to be found in modern day Iraq. It is also a great tourist attraction and its architecture is breathtaking. Dating back to 4000 BC, the buildings (or what remains of them), provide spectacular insight into the architectural styles of the day.
The Arc of Ctesiphon

The amazing architectural monument dates back to the Third century BC. It is one of the most beautiful sites to visit in Iraq. It portrays Iraq as a power in ancient civilization because the architecture used is remarkable for its day.


Hotels in Iraq

There are several good hotels in Iraq, both in Baghdad and in other cities that one can stay in. Some good hotels in Baghdad include Al-Mansour Melia, Al- Rasheed, Ishtar Sheraton and Palestine Meridiene hotels. There is also The Nineveh international hotel and Al-Mosul tourist hotel in Mosul and The Babel hotel in Hilla, Babylon. These will give you a pleasant stay in Iraq with five star treatment.

Iraq is a beautiful country and people looking for touristic attractions will not be disappointed. The northern part of Iraq is rife with lush green vegetation and mountains that belie the arid lands in the rest of the country. To break from the norm and do something that is absolutely awe-inspiring, travel to Iraq and you will have precious memories to after the holiday. The perfect getaway for people who are not afraid of adventure.

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