Tips On Effectively Using The Public Transit

Tips On Effectively Using Public Transit

If you have been to Washington or Chicago or even traveled around to London as many other cities of the world you will notice a very unique transportation system that has made traveling easier and more convenient. The London Underground, Washington’s Metro or Chicago CTA will enable you to traverse the city with little hindrance and delays that come with city travel. In order to make traveling more effortless and undisturbed you must take to mind a number of things as highlighted here below.

Choosing the most appropriate billing

Most often these transport systems have different billing options. You will definitely gain depending on the manner of your trip and how much you can afford. Note that in some cases you will only be charged a flat rate when you sue the system. If you are traveling on the Chicago CTA you pay $2.25 as fee for a single ride.

This is the flat rate regardless of how much distance or transfers you are making on the trip. On the other hand when using the Washington’s Metro you notice that you pay more for longer distance. On average a 40 minutes trip like from Congress Heights to Gallery Place on Green Line will cost you $4.50.

Furthermore when you use the same system a ten minute ride from Clarendon to Forest Glen is just $2.25. Therefore, you need to carefully consider what is suitable and affordable in your case. Obviously if your trip is an express one the options are few and cheaper than when you have to make transfers and various stop overs.

Keep your surroundings in mind

You will be surprised that so many people use these types of transport systems. Therefore at peak hours you need to be clear on the bearings and your surroundings so that you do not miss your connections. Perhaps a very important rule to remember is to always walk on the left side so that you are not bumping into people and causing distress.
Secure yourself and your baggage.

Because the transit system is usually very cramped and particularly during peak hours always hold tight on to your valuables and luggage to avoid loosing them or getting mugged. Sometimes it may just be prudent to keep your valuables well tucked inside your hand bags or your wallets away from public view in order to reduce the chances of getting mugged.
Furthermore it may be good practice to switch off the phone and avoid reading that may engross your mind thereby making you a target for muggers. One good rule of the thumb is to be always conscious of the environment including the people you are walking close to or sitting near during this traveling.

Tips On Effectively Using The Public Transit

Think of your sanitation needs during the travel

As much as possible and not just for your sake but for the sake of everyone else you need to carefully consider your sanitation needs. Because of the sheer number of people you come in contact with you will expect some compromise in hygiene standards and hence you need to keep yourself and whatever you have as clean as possible.

Wherever you stand or sit try to ensure that the place is clean and avoid carelessly handling the rails or bars that may be having dirty. Unless otherwise finding a seat would help much and help you to avoid handling the rails or bars.

Keep track of the routes

Since you have no landmarks to help you quickly identify where you are at when raveling using these transit systems, you need to be very alert and know the routes you are using and where exactly you are at. This will also help you to make the switch in a timely manner and help your traveling to be most convenient. Most of the time the transfers are the most challenging whereby if you miss a transfer you have perhaps retarded your journey a couple of hours which can be costly if the journey was time bound.

As such you must carefully know what options are available immediately you get on the train and ensure that these options remain clear even as your journey advances on. If you keep some of these requirements in mind then you are assured of an almost hassle free traveling within the transit systems that are common in places like London, Washington and Chicago. It will save you the time and help you have a peace of your mind every time you are using this means of transport.

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