Traveling By Air Tips and Tricks 2

Traveling By Air: Tips and Tricks

Things truly changed on September 11th, 2001, when it comes to air travel. Restrictions were put into place, security heightened and fear grew to a level unseen before. On top of that, we soon faced a recession which brought the airlines to their knees. Higher oil prices led to higher fares and additional fees, making traveling by airplane an expensive and miserable task. The tips below will help you regain some control over your flights when it comes to cost and stress.

To get the lowest rates on your flights, check online to find deals. You may be able to locate a discount based on the credit card you use to sign in, or because you are a member of a frequent flyer program. Websites like Expedia and Travelocity can also offer deals based on group purchases or booking near the date of the flight. Once you know what deals are available, you can call the airline and ask if they can match them, or even offer you a better deal.

Traveling By Air Tips and Tricks 1

Read up on the rules of your airline when it comes to your luggage. Be sure to measure your carry-on bags both in dimensions and weight. If you go over their rules, you may have to check the bag or pay a fee to bring it on board. Do the same for your checked luggage as over-sized or overweight items will only be accepted for a fee. Many other fees may be applicable, such as a first checked bag, second checked bag, or even carry-on bag fees! Be sure to know what fees are charged by checking websites such as

Choose clothes for your flight which are comfortable and easy to take off. For example, wear a pair of comfortable slip-on shoes which you can remove during the flight if your feet swell or become hot. Wear a pullover or zippered sweater in case the flight is cold, since it is easy to take off if the flight is hot. Wear lose pants with an elastic waistband or a belt so you can release them if sitting becomes uncomfortable.

Be sure to make your way to the airport at least 60 minutes before your flight is to depart. If you plan to fly internationally, you may want to show up even earlier than that. Giving yourself time to get there means traffic won’t hold you up so much that you miss your flight. On top of that, long lines at security checkpoints and the check-in counter will not cause you any headaches.

Traveling By Air Tips and Tricks 2

Know that you will go through security, so be ready for it. Put all electronics and metal items into your checked luggage before you enter the airport. That will save you emptying your pockets when you get to the security checkpoint. Wearing slip-on shoes makes taking them off easier, too.

These simple ideas will make your airline travel more enjoyable and less frustrating. As long as you endeavor to use them all, you should find your trip is enjoyable. Be sure to read similar articles on booking a hotel or locating attractions to further your knowledge about taking a trip.

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