Traveling To Malaysia Check Out Gunung Mulu National Park 2

Traveling To Malaysia? Check Out Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park is a national park located near a town called Miri in Sarawak, Malaysia. It is a renowned world heritage site and was formally accorded a world heritage status by the UNESCO. The park is popular for the many caves located there as well as numerous adventures that people have taken in aim of exploring the caves and the surrounding regions. Gunung Mulu National park is situated in a setting of a mountainous rainforest with an equatorial climate. It acquired its name from Mount Mulu which is the second highest mountain at the Sarawak area.

What to do in Gunung Mulu National Park

Take a walk to see limestone formations
This national park is widely known because of many formations of limestone krast that are found there, and the locals believe that the limestone is as old as seventeen to forty million years! The formations belong to the Melinau formation. Just below the limestone is the Mulu Formation which is the highest peak at the south east sector of the Gunung Mulu national Park .The Mulu formation contains sandstones and shales whose age is believed to be about forty to ninety million years.

Traveling To Malaysia Check Out Gunung Mulu National Park 2
Marvel at the caves
Gunung National park is home to a wide cave network which includes the Clearwater cave, wind cave and Benarat cavern. The clear water cave is said to be the biggest cave in the world and has parts of the largest underground river systems in the world.

Go bird watching
There are about eight species of the hornbill bird at Gunung Mulu national park. These include the helmeted hornbill, Rhinoceroses Hornbill and the white – crowned bill. You will also find more than twenty seven species of the bat in this national park. The Deer cave in particular is home to a large colony of bats and the presence of a huge guano mound in the cave indeed proves that it is home to a large number of bats!

Traveling To Malaysia Check Out Gunung Mulu National Park 1

These birds leave the cave nearly every evening to search for food in big numbers.Other mammals in the national park include squirrels, deers, and the moon rat, shrews, the bearded pig and the Macaque which has a long tail.

Explore the natural beauty of the park
The park is home to a large number of species of plants which include fungi and trees .The wide variety of plant species is influenced by different types of soil and topography .On the limestone region are the lower and upper montane limestone forest and the lowland forest.

Visit the Sarawak Chamber
It is in Gunung Mulu National Park where you’ll find the largest known natural chamber, the Sarawak chamber. The chamber is located in an area known as Gua Nasib Bagus and stands at two thousand and three hundred feet long, two hundred and thirty feet high and about one thousand and three hundred feet wide.People claim that this chamber is wide enough to accommodate as many as forty Boeing 747s aircrafts!

Other features that make the National Park a great tourist destination include cliffs, rock pinnacles, and gorges. Gunung Mulu national park is located in a very remote area, but you can access it via air transport. This is aided by the presence of the Mulu airport. You can also use riverboats from the Miri area.

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