The Unique and Exotic Spas That You Could Have Never Imagined

Unique and Exotic Spas That You Could Never Imagine

Spa Treatments have been the most sought after relaxation method by people all over the world. Spa treatments are nerve relaxing and rejuvenate not only the body but the soul as well. You can indulge in the luxury of spas at the best places in the world to experience a fresh and invigorating feeling which lasts for several months. Here are some unique spas in the world which offer you the services in an unusual way.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon Spa situated in Iceland is one of the most exquisite `open air’ spas of the world. It offers spa treatment in the open waters of the `blue lagoon’ itself which is an enthralling experience. The geothermal spa treatment is also available in this spa. You can enjoy subtly warm water bath and body massages even during the freezing temperatures as their geothermal pool is always mildly hot. The geothermal spa treatment is very popular for people who suffer from skin ailments as the Luke warm water is rich in minerals. The lounges built in this spa offer world class luxurious stay where you could enjoy a wide variety of champagne and dishes. The spa is perfect for a romantic dating destination too.

St. Regis AspenSpa, US

In the Colorado mountains in US, lies the Aspen mountain whose base holds one of the most exotic and unique spas of the world known as St. Regis Spa. The spa resort is located at such a beautiful location amidst sow covered mountains that visiting this spa itself becomes a rejuvenating experience. The unique spa services offered at this place include foot therapy with paraffin wraps, hair spa and massage with essential oils, plunging pools and oxygen lounges etc. It’s specially created huge lounges with waterfall baths under which you can sit while having your body massaged is just the epitome of luxury. You could even customize your spa treatments by choosing from a wide variety of methods. World’s best champagnes and exotic delicacies are offered to the guests while they are getting their spa treatment done.

Indonesia’s Maya Ubud

Maya Ubud spa resort lies in the neighboring area of PetanuRiverValley in Bali, Indonesia. The spa resort is situated in quite isolated location with no pollution and city crowd. So many tropical gardens surrounding the spa resort add to its grandeur. Having your spa treatment in this wilderness in the lap of nature is a heavenly experience. Skin renewal treatments are provided at the spa with collagen and various gel extracts. Private massage pavilions are provided to the guests where they can relax in the open air in the valley while enjoying exotic oil and massage therapies. Outdoor bathing showers and facials at the river banks are extremely rejuvenating. Apart from spa, you could enjoy your holidaying in its hotel and resting lounges which are fully facilitated with fitness centers, yoga center, tennis court, bar and library etc.

The Unique and Exotic Spas That You Could Have Never Imagined

Switzerland’s Float Zurich

Floating body treatments have been the new craze in wellness and spa treatments recently. Have you ever fancied your body floating in a personal pool of water while you are enjoying mind relaxing spa treatments? Float Zurich is a spa which offers you the luxury of nerve relaxing in their specially formulated basins where you could float for an hour or even more alone or with a partner. The floating experience in this spa stimulates the body joints and relaxes body pain. The hygiene and ambience offered at this spa are worth acclamation. You could even enjoy rain shower too. Apart from this, the spa’s hypnotherapy relaxation is extremely popular among visitors where stress management, sleep disorders and body pains etc. are treated holistically. This is a must visit spa where you get to experience such marvelous therapies that you couldn’t have ever imagined.

Williamsburg Salt Spa

In the beautiful city of Virginia, lies this beautiful spa building with a superb architecture. But the special feature of this spa centre lies in this `salt caves’. The interior of the spa centre consists of many salt caves which have walls, floors, ceilings made up of mineralized salts. The salt therapy offered by this spa is extremely popular and is said to be of healing nature. The salt therapy of the spa ca be enjoyed by healthy individuals as well people suffering from chronic ailments. Luxurious Swedish massages along with an array of other massage therapies are provided in `Salt Spa Caves’ where people inhale the aromatic salts. The inhaling of the salt during the massage procedure has a therapeutic effect on lungs and body. The salt caves are such brilliant pieces of art to look at.

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