Using Public Transit the Right Way While Traveling

Using Public Transit (The Right Way) While Traveling

Whether you’re on Chicago’s CTA, Washington’s Metro or London’s Underground, public transportation can be amazingly easy to use and effective. It can get you from one place to the next in any large city while helping you to avoid the hassles that come with local traffic. But have you ever thought about what goes on when riding a train or bus?

The problem is that millions of other people including locals and tourists alike use the same transit systems every year. Therefore, there is clearly going to be some kind of a risk associated with using public transit no matter where you go. Still, you can use it safely if you use a few important tips to make sure you keep yourself safe and comfortable whether you’re on the New York City subway, Atlanta’s MARTA system or the Seoul Metropolitan Subway.

Watch for the Routes

You have to be aware of the routes that you could use when traveling. This includes making sure that you know where to get off and when to transfer to another line. For example, Atlanta’s MARTA system doesn’t have a direct route from the Hartsfield-JacksonAirport to the Decatur neighborhood. You’d have to get on the South Line train from the airport, get off at the Five Points station and then transfer to an East-West Line train that will get you into Decatur.

The fact is that every public transit system in the world has several routes to choose from. You might have to transfer to another route depending on where you are going. You must be extremely observant when finding out where you will be going.

How is the Billing Structured?

Also, you need to be aware of how the billing structures work when getting into any transit system. Some places will only charge you one flat fee for using the system. For example, you only need to pay $2.25 for a single ride ticket on Chicago’s CTA system. This means that you’d pay the same $2.25 for one route no matter how much distance you travel or how many transfers you have to make.

Meanwhile, some places will have fares that vary based on how much space you will cover in your travels. For instance, the Washington Metro system charges more for travels that take longer. A 39-minute trip from the Congress Heights station to the Gallery Place station on the Green Line will cost $4.50 during peak hours while an eight-minute Orange Line trip from Clarendon to Forest Glen is only $2.25. This might be complicated but you need to think about the exact stops you’ll go to in cases like this.

Always Check Your Surroundings

The problem with so many public transit stations is that they can be very tight and cramped. You need to be aware of the exits around a station so you’ll know what you are getting into. Don’t forget to watch for how the people are walking when getting on and off trains or buses. You should always stand to the right and walk on the left side of everyone.

Using Public Transit the Right Way While Traveling
Protecting Yourself

The tight space of a transit spot makes it particularly dangerous because you could be mugged or harmed by others. You must always keep anything you have as tightly guarded as possible.

Try to avoid using any phones or read anything while at any public transit station as well. People can be easily distracted by these things and could become easy targets for theft or attacks. You must pay attention to your surroundings as a means of protecting yourself.

Sanitary Considerations

The final thing to do when traveling on a public transit route is to make sure you keep yourself clean. With so many people riding on public transit, it is no surprise that you might find some dirty stuff around the area.

You should use hand sanitizer with you before and after getting onto a bus or train. This is so your hands will be secure from any bacteria that you might get into.

It’s also a good idea to try and find a seat if possible. This is to make sure that you don’t have to hold onto dirty bars or rails. Of course, you should obey all rules relating to who will get priority seats. If there is an elderly or handicapped person coming on board then you should relinquish your seat to that person if no other seats are available.

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