African Safari

Wild Days and Exotic Nights: Planning Your African Safari Adventure

The African safari is the ultimate experience in exotic vacations. The range of offerings in African safari adventures is broad, and everyone from skilled hunters to those who prefer to get their natural high with a bird’s eye view from a hot air balloon will be able to find a safari that suits their interests and physical capabilities.

Safari Modes of Transportation

  1. Horseback – Only recommended for the physically fit and experienced rider, horseback safaris offer the rush of racing antelope and zebras through the bush. It’s sure to be the ride of your life!
  2. Camel – If you’d rather take it slower than the horses, enjoy a nice, meandering ride high upon the back of a camel. These safaris are often led by tribesman who are so intimate with the land that they can offer you an experience unlike any other. Plan to camp with the guides and your animals each night. These safaris are not luxurious, but they are full of a different sort of beauty and cultural immersion than you will experience with other types.
  3. Lion SafariMountain biking – These safaris offer a combination of hard physical exertion and luxury camping accommodations. While biking, you will see a wide range of African wildlife, including lions, zebras, and giraffes.
  4. Canoeing – Glide through the waters of the Zambezi River as you view hippos and crocodiles up close. At night you will listen to the sounds of lions, nocturnal birds, and other wildlife as you set up camp for the night.
  5. Walking -If you’re fit enough to huff it on foot, you’ll be rewarded with an intimate encounter with the African wilderness. Your knowledgeable guides with lead you through the bush, teaching you about all that you encounter as you go.
  6. Hot air balloon – Sip champagne as you view the African wilds from above the treetops. While there are many balloon safari options, one of the most popular is flying over the Serengeti during the wildebeest migration.

Wildlife and Region

The landscape and wildlife of Africa are as diverse as the types of safaris available. When booking your trip, decide which area most intrigues you, and the type of animals you are hoping to spot. Because Africa is a vast continent with so many unique places of interest, deciding where to go for your safari might be the hardest decision you make! Carefully research the types of landscape and animals you are likely to encounter in any given region. Obviously, those interested in a gentle and leisurely birdwatching expedition and people interested in the adrenaline rush of close encounters with lions or crocodiles will want to choose completely different types of safari adventures. Likewise, if you have physical limitations or just prefer a less strenuous adventure, you will need to be sure that the safari you choose covers terrain in a manner which is safe and in line with your needs and desires. In the end, it’s less a matter of deciding whether or not a safari is right for you, but deciding which kind of safari is right for you. Africa’s safari options have something for everyone.

photo credit: Justin Beckley Photography / Justin Beckley Photography

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